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2012 In My Rear View Mirror

I know some folks who can’t wait for that clock to strike midnight and drink 2012 clear into oblivion.  The Mayan Calendar didn’t do the job and here’s hoping you didn’t give away your life savings or your mother’s fine china.  As for me, I’m marinating on what each month brought me this year, stewing in my experiences and trying to figure out if I’m ready to say goodbye to 2012.  The holiday season was a blur and as much as I wanted to slow it down and embrace the moment, there’s no way to capture it all and yes, we are mere hours away from the calendar turning over yet again. 

Resolutions Revolution–Resolve to take it one day at a time.  Coming up with grand ideas of how you’re going to lose more, read more, or do more will only make you more wearisome.  Disappointment seeps in and you’re left feeling like a total loser.  Take it one step at a time. For January, you may wish to pull your free credit report, look it over and resolve to do better.  For February, you may consider taking the time to express your love to others in creative ways.  Send that friend a letter of encouragement.  Spend time with that elderly family member and help them recount some important family history.  Take it one month at a time.  Set a goal, jot down a few objectives and take it from there.

EnVision Yourself–My previous post about developing a vision board will help in doing this part.  Create one alongside some friends and watch how things begin to unfold.  Mine is prominently set on a mantle in my bedroom and it’s always within sight.  I have a lot of things I’d like to do in 2013, but my vision board narrows it down.  If that trip, event, or activity doesn’t line up with what or where you’re trying to go, then it doesn’t need to be on your to-do list.

Bucket That List–When the two terminally ill patients (played by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) in the movie “The Bucket List” escape from their cancer ward on a great adventure to scratch things off their “wish list. ” It’s opened up the doors for many to start writing jot down things they would like to do before meeting their Maker.  It’s okay if sky-diving doesn’t make your must do list.  It doesn’t make you a wimp, it just makes you someone who doesn’t want to sky-dive.  I remember a recent 7 day couple’s cruise trip that our church’s marriage ministry hosted to several islands.  I wasn’t with the hang-gliding thing and there wasn’t anyone who could make me think otherwise.  But this prissy girl, (who hates to have dirt under her finger nails) from Miami had never been out in the jungles with nothing but trees, water, and mud as her terrain.  Splashing in water mixed with animal dung was a blast!  It wasn’t on my “bucket list” but I went back and proudly added (and checked) that one off as one of those things I never thought I’d do.  Don’t get so hung up on having a long list.  Add things as you do them–they still count.

We know not what this coming year holds.  For some it will be great triumphs, for others it will be great tragedy.  A friend recently sent a text reflecting on God’s awesomeness.  She recalls that in 2011 at about this time she was in surgery to remove her eggs and fertilize them.  Praying with her husband that this procedure would be the one to yield their unanswered prayers.  This year has brought her a beautiful bundle of joy from those prayers.  You just never know.

Jeremiah 29:11 is one of my “favoritest ” verse (I know it’s not a word) in the whole wide Bible. For He knows the plans He has for us, it mentions.  After all, any plans we may have may be met with His laughter.  I trust that what I’ve brought before Him meets His approval and if it doesn’t–well He has full permission to do as He so wishes.  After all, it’s His plans–not mine.

So I’m headed out on this “Route 2013 Highway” with a whole heap of prayers on my lips, looking one last time in my rear view mirror.  It’s been real 2012, but I’ve got to go! 

Happy New Year!


9 thoughts on “2012 In My Rear View Mirror”

  1. Awesome!!!

    I truly enjoy reading your thoughts. If you do decide to blog on a regular, consider me one of your loyal followers.

    God Bless

    1. Am realizing that whatever I want bad enough will come at great sacrifice. In this case it was my previous sleep. But once done, I knew I could sleep better. #GGW #StatusVisionBoard2013

  2. Mrs. “G”, you are a true “gem” in every since of the word. God allowed our paths to not only cross but to connect, not in 2012 but during a time when we both needed each other. Looking back in 2012 is just what it is, looking back. Its neither positive nor negative for me its just another season in my life that God has brought me through with much wisdom, some sadness and a lot of joy. I found I could indeed travel on roads I never thought I would travel, because I traveled with God, He made all the difference. As for resolutions well I don’t really dewell on them. I think about them and thats about as far as I go. However I do think on things that are positive and pure, things that will allow God’s light to continue to shine in my life. I’ve learned that things are never as bad as they seem, we just need to have the ability to take a step back and really see the situation through the eyes of Christ and trust that He knows whats best for us and that He will never put more on us than we can bear. I’m so grateful for family, my husband of 30 years, four children and six grandchildren. I aim to take nothing for granted and to treat everyone with the love of Christ whether I receive it in return or not. 2013 if God allows me to see that year will be another season in my life to do better than I did the year before, to bless others and be that friend to someone who is friendless, to enter the mission field with joy and gladness, to be what God created me to be.
    Thanks for being a friend, someone I can vent to and listen to as well. Thanks for being the Godly example that women need to see. Happy New Year. Be Blessed, Mrs. “H”

      1. Mrs. “G”
        Always here for you and Eddie, be blessed as you are truly a blessing to me. Happy New Year!

  3. Way to go Babe! Let go & make more adventures in Christ! However, I don’t think I’ll ride a bull called “Fumanchu”. 😉

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