Beau–Our “Handsome” Dog–5

First published 7/30/10

Journal #5: ‘Ricanes, Remodeling, Robberies

Hurricane Wilma

Beau spent that entire ordeal in our room, scared out of his mind.  But we were comforted by each other’s presence.  Before we remodeled our bedroom he was allowed to sleep there.  He’d take his post at the foot of the bed, walk around every now and then for a pet and generally made himself at home.  

The hurricane came and went and left us without a patio.  By this time, he was out of his cage and hanging out in the backyard.  I didn’t like keep him tied so we allowed him to roam free.  There was that time when I came home to see him frothing at the mouth and totally entangled in his chain.  I never tied him after that.

We were having repairs done to our roof and would constantly get questions about Beau.  Was he an indoor dog?  Did he bite?  Was he really mean?  To each I would say yes.  My  natural distrust of people had me suggest to Eddy that we should keep Beau indoors.  After all our patio had went the way of Wizard of Oz and I didn’t like keeping him out in the sun, even under a tree.  Eddy agreed and life with Beau indoors all day began.  Our fake alarm didn’t connect to anything so it was just noise.  But who could ignore the loud barks of an American Bulldog.  Beau was nobody’s fool.  So his territory became the indoors and he took his job seriously.

I was on the phone with Lyzette when I drove up to the house after yet another long day.  It was dark and Beau was at the door waiting for me.  I walked into the hallway with him close behind.  He went straight to my shut door and stood there.  I tried pushing it open only to realize there was someting behind the door.  I looked in the guest room and saw the window frames were taken out.  We had been got!

Long story short–our Beau had saved the day.  Eddy had shut our bedroom door that morning, complaining that Beau shouldn’t be in there anyway so the robbers were able to climb through and ran sack our room.  Needless to say Beau’s barks and aggressive nature kept them from coming into the rest of the home.  The cowards were so scared they pushed the TV to the door.  They saw him through the open guest room door and opted out of trying to come in that way.

The stupid thiefs didn’t know that I didn’t keep my good jewelry in my “boite secret” my secret box.  Only thing in there was wedding cards and odds and ends.  Dummies!

Beau got the biggest, greasiest doggy bone after that!  My hero.


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