Beau–Our “Handsome” Dog–3

First published 7/30/10

Journal #3: It Would Have Been Blue!

It was June/July and the puppies were getting big.  Gorgeous, adorable bunch they were.  We would stop by every now and then to check in on them.  By this time, Dee and Jonas were trying to figure out how to sell them.  Having 5 or 6 puppies and 2 full grown dogs was not what they had signed up for.

I’d ooh and ahhh over them and be on my way.  Yet I had been thinking of that cute bunch of defenseless puppies, relying on human love to take care of them and the thought wouldn’t go away.  Mind you, I was in my second semester at Barry, working 40 hours a week, interning 16 hours on top of that and remodeling a home at the same time.  I was exhausted.  There were days when I would leave in the dark and come home in the dark.  Eddy and I were like passing ships just meeting up in late evenings to run through our respective days and prepare for the next.

Then that fateful evening came looking in on the bunch I asked Eddy if we could take one home.  There was a scrappy male in the litter who would fight mercilessly with his sisters.  By this time a brother was taken so he was left alone to deal with the “XY” chromosones on his own.  I remember him fighting one of his sisters and she taking a big out of his ear.  He grew with a slight loop to his ear that was evident up until now.  I looked up at Eddy and bat my big brown eyes (he could never say now when I did that) and it was official.  I would be taking home the “scrapper”.  He was feisty and he stood out.  

I’m a sucker for eyes and his were a gorgeous blue.  He had the light brown brindle patch on his face unlike the black spots of his siblings.  Those blue eyes had me hook, line, and sinker.  “I’m gonna call him Blue!”, I said.  I think Jonas pointed out that his eyes may change colors then how could I explain that.  I had taken French from middle school til college and he was such a handsome dog.  Beau became his name.  Beau “french etymology for the word handsome”.  Not Bo, cause he wasn’t a country dog in Wisconsin somewhere or a character on Days of our Lives.  

He became our “handsome” dog.


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