Beau–Our “Handsome” Dog–2

First published 7/30/10

Journal #2: Wedding Bells Brings A Spring Gift

Eden had met the love of his life in Holly and we were off to celebrate their wedding in Colorado.  

Dee and Jay by this time had acquired Haydee so they now had two American bulldogs.  Beautiful specimens.  The dogs would get looks riding in the back of Jonas’ pick-up truck.  Dee would tell me of their couple walks with the dogs and just how friendly they were with kids and how people would stop to talk or cross the street depending on their level of bravery!

I was getting warmed up to the “pet thing”.  We were in our first home and remodeling was underway.  My constant talks with Dee always had some dog story in it.  Petey dropping something in the garage, Haydee being the boss of the two.  Petey was the sweetie of the bunch and Haydee was the voice box.  They had such opposite personalities.  Petey was the rotten one.  After all he spent some time being the Alpha dog before Haydee came into the picture.

I had also started my first year of grad school at Barry University and my stress level was picking up.  The social work program left no room for anything outside of work, intern, and coming home to a house in disrepair.   

We were glad to head on out to this April wedding in Colorado by that point.  Tons of family was going and it would be our first airline trip with Eddy’s parents.  That too is for another blog.  Papi’s road trip antics are the stuff of legends!  

Jonas didn’t make that first flight with us though.  Haydee was giving birth to a litter and he stayed behind to ensure all went well.  Spring brought snow in Colorado and the birth American bulldog puppies in Miami…


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