Beau–Our “Handsome” Dog–1

First published 7/30/10

Journal #1: Dogs weren’t part of my future

It was early Spring 2004.  We were getting ready for traveling to Eden and Holly’s wedding.  Dee & Jonas had two American bulldogs, Pete and Haydee.  My first introduction to “Petey” was at the apartment complex on Biscayne Blvd near FIU North.  “He’s a puppy” Dee said.  I took her word for it and when she walked through the door with the the monster that was Pete I jumped on the chair.

I didn’t think much of Pete after that outside of my courteous inquiries into his health.  Dee would mention all his puppy “accidents” and I would think “hmm… what’s all the fuss about?”  You see, I never owned a dog growing up.  There was that class bunny in St. Maarten, but I shared him with an entire class and he was gone by year’s end.  The closest I came to pets were of the bird kind.  There was the pidgeons my dad raised in St. Maarten.  I got attached to their chirping but soon lost interest after having to be force fed pidgeon soup!  That’s for another blog folks.

Then there was that baby chick that I kept in the garage.  Not sure what happened but he wasn’t around long enough for me to really be affected.  After all, I had prom and graduation to worry about so that was the end of my introduction to animals on a personal level.

My mom didn’t think animals and humans should cohabitate.  Her nose would go up in “bourghie” disgust so my dad never pushed the issue. She was from the city and he was from Leogane, Haiti.  He’d been around animals all his life and wanted us to experience that attachment but it never materialised.

No prediction could have prepared me for life with a pet.


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