READ Initiative (Bible in 365)

READ Day 10-Loyalty and Kindness

Proverbs 3

Never let loyalty and kindness leave you!
Tie them around your neck as a reminder.
Write them deep within your heart.
Then you will find favor with both God and people,
and you will earn a good reputation.

You know it really pays to be cordial and respectful to folks even when I don’t really “feel” like doing neither. There are what I call “sandpaper” people who really rub me the wrong way and my first instinct is to ignore or to write them off. But I am always reminded by these verses and others to take that extra mile in doing my part to live in harmony with folks.

As a pastor’s wife, I find loyalty is something that some in the faith profess to have but really don’t know the true meaning of. Loyalty isn’t a feeling it’s an action you do whether you feel like it or not. People tend to forget the bigger picture and are more interested on getting their piece of the pie and walking away when they have bled the ministry dry. Growing up in the faith, my former Pastor, Tom Pokorni, taught us that hard work and loyalty is what keeps a ministry going among other things. If you don’t know what it is to serve and obey your pastor, boss, parents and anyone else God has appointed as your leader, you are in effect signing away your blessings.

That last section promises earning favor with both God and man and a good reputation. I am often reminded that my name is what I got at birth and its what I will leave with when I die. For everything that I do in between, I must strive to keep it unsullied and a testimony to God and His good works.

I remember working at the police department as an undergrad student. I received a much wanted transfer to a better paying job. I could have easily thumbed my nose at my former boss, spread rumors about her, or just plain out “showed my behind.” I did neither. And when my position was terminated, guess which job I was summarily transferred back to? My former boss welcomed me with open arms and I finished my degree in that position. She even allowed me to come in earlier than the office staff just so I could leave for my internships. Only God! And only a humble spirit.

So many times we get in our own way of God blessing us. Remember He uses people to bless us and bring about that much needed change. You could be one reference letter, one phone call away from a life changing destiny. And it will all hinge on your loyalty and kindness to people.


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