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Year 38: Birthday Reflections

So here I am up enjoying the sounds of my hubby and his mom battling over how my birthday breakfast should be prepared. She’s adding oil AND butter to the frying pan. My husband is having a heart attack just watching her cook.

I smile at the banter and have no regrets that for the first time in a long time, I took the day off. Yep it’s Wednesday and yep I have a load of work back at the office but guess what, tomorrow has it’s own issues. But today is all mine.

Students at my school bring huge balloons and cakes to school for their birthdays and celebrate in grand style. Folks on baller status close down entire clubs and “party til the break of dawn.” Well me, I have never been one for outward displays of celebration. My husband is usually more excited about my birthdays than I am. He does the week count down, sends random texts and sings silly songs. Blame my reservations on my mom’s ‘Jehovah Witness’ approach to birthdays and holidays.

Yet as I eek closer to the “big 40” am shedding some of those inhibitions. But my birthdays are still on my own terms. Silence, reflection time, solitude–those are the things I crave. My mom reminds me that I am overextended and I need to make sure I take time for me. Her words are and always will be gold to me.

So here’s to a birthday that’s unplanned, impromptu, and totally unconcerned.

When I tell my students that I turn 38, they gasp and whisper “she doesn’t look old.” There’s a group of them who call me “old lady” (I actually respond) and it’s our inside joke cause they know am no where to being or feeling old.

I like 38. I like this getting one step closer to meeting my Maker in spirit and truth. I like being in my own skin and knowing there is no other skin I would rather be in. I like becoming an expert in my profession, I like growing from mentee to mentor, I like shedding hang-ups, and I like evolving day to day.

Happy Birthday To Me!!


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