Beau–Our “Handsome” Dog–7

This Sunday marked the third anniversary of our beloved Beau’s passing. I read this blog and marvel at the life I lead because of his absence.

Del Gervais

Written 7/30/10


Journal #7: Remembered As He Was

He’s no longer here and I have to make that trek back home to face his dog bed, his food, his water jug, his tire toy, and all his medications that were in his own special in the garage.  I have to cancel his pet insurance.  I have to sweep up all his shedding hair for months to come.  My stylist knew I had a pet just by doing my hair!

His hair would be in places he never ventured into.  

There was that ongoing argument between Eddy and I about whether Beau in fact never really entered our bedroom.  Eddy would look at the amount of hair on the carpet or the side of the bed and be like “He was here, you can’t tell me that dog wasn’t in here!”  I’d defend Beau to the death and point out that…

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