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Best Man Holiday: Why Now?

Monday evenings is usually not the day I would want to take in a movie, but I wanted to catch Best Man Holiday with my husband before our week got busy. I’m glad I did. I won’t go into story lines or what my favorite men, I mean themes was. Dang auto correct!

Ladies, Best Man Holiday (henceforth BMH) isn’t just a chick flick. We both laughed and identified with the couples in their various stages of relationship.

I saw myself in every character, even Candace knowing that my heart resonates with insecurities and need to scream drama sometimes. I was 23 when the first came out and as I sat in that chair, a flood of memories came rushing back. My old self sat right next to me holding my hands, squeezing it every now and then; reminding me that I have indeed come a mighty long way.

I was relieved to see characters who looked like me and my friends. We may have all started out on the same starting line but life has had an interesting way of setting up hurdles and curves to slow some of us down or allow some to move at a more steady pace. We’ve had to back track to pick up a friend along the way, and yes even leave some behind. We’ve trusted that God would intervene through our prayers and carry them in times when we ourselves could not help.

I wasn’t expecting to see a movie where everyone was on baller status, but it marked accomplishments and milestones that only true friends would celebrate without envy or jealousy.

BMH wrung me dry of pent up tears I needed to shed. Note to others: don’t wear a silk blouse to this movie. You’ll be a candidate for a wet t-shirt contest without question.

I snuggled deep into my husband, sat up straight, or just held his hand tightly. I’m glad I went with him. He proved to be my rock yet again.

Therapy by movie is what I call BMH. My eyes are watering up even now. To see faith in God so easily displayed, to see man at his peak and his lowest yet still holding on by a mere one-handed grip.

It’s a heavy movie and I can’t wait to see it with my gal pals. Yep, after all that, I know it’s important to watch it with others who can laugh and cry freely with you–no censorship, no hindrance.

So get over the “all black” cast hype. BMH is an “all human” type of movie. It’s not every scene that may sit well with you but big-picture sight will get you through some of the antics.

First at 23, second at 38. This movie will be your virtual timeline of memoirs.


5 thoughts on “Best Man Holiday: Why Now?”

  1. You provided words for my emotions. i told my sister that I felt like these people were truly my friends and the emotions i felt during and after the movie were so real it was kinds of scary. But reading your post let me know that I’m not totally crazy (not yet anyways)…Thanks Delphine 🙂

  2. I am so happy to experience true reflection with the first movie and now BMH. I cried. laughed and had many moments of identifying myself in the characters. Delphine, as I write this tears are flowing. Truth can be found in numerous venues and art forms; the challenge is to be open to receive. BMH demonstrates a path to find and accept the gifts, friendship, love, trials, faith endurance and to know that friends are to be cherished and supported. Young men need to see this movie with their peer group, I hope our older men will invite them to have this experience, just as women experience it with other women.
    Thank you for the review, great job.
    Soror, Shirley Gibson

  3. I agree with you there are many lessons to be learned in the movie. Each couple story was unique and most of us could relate to it at one point or another. I’m guilty I “live” on blackberry now IPhone. I was afraid to love, afraid to admit i love a man cause i thought that would make me look weak, for years and felt like I don’t NEED man. I have a sister that’s going through Chemo for two type of cancer – so I even shed a tear during the scene when she was dying.
    So, could I relate to the movie ? Yes probably more than most! However , I could relate to hundreds of movies. I can take each story and say I have seen it before in another movie or very similar to it. So, for me it was just one of our “typical” movies.
    The movie was a good movie 🙂 I’m just saying it was overrated !!!

    Ill keep my comments on the Obama Care for your next blog:)

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