Death to New Year’s Resolutions!

I’m going to be honest and say I think New Years resolutions are the work of the devil and his minions. There is nothing more sadistic than setting up unrealistic goals and falling flat on your face by week two into January. Shame creeps in and you end up being worse off than when you started. Death to New Years resolutions and the ones who make us feel we are less of a person for not making or keeping them!

A friend recently complimented me for being the most organized person she knows and that for 2014 she wants to start getting her life in order. For me it has been trial and error, researching what works best for me, looking to mentors and leaders to figure some things out. Most of it is observing how people live. I have never been above learning from peers be they younger or older. We can learn from anybody.

My organization streak is part my daddy’s upbringing and part me seeking out positive examples of how I want to live. Instead of setting up resolutions that you may not see through, invest in some tools that will make life manageable, productive, and doable. Here are a few to start with.

Buy A Planner
Yeah, I know that sounds simple enough but you would be surprised how many people are still walking around with scratch paper jotting down notes haphazardly. A planner is not to be confused with a calendar. The wall calendar does not afford you the space to jot down what all you need to do. Those little dollar store calendars with the cute cats on the cover won’t work either. You need to be able to write in appointment times, write in overall events/activities in adequate space. A planner gives an overall picture of what you’re doing with your time and helps alleviate the stress of over commitment to people, places, and things. I already know where I’m going to be January 18th and I’m working towards preparing for that day already.

Buy A Notebook/Journal
I’m big into stationary. One year I ordered a notepad that had nothing but pictures of myself (and a few of the hubster) on the cover. It was my dreams and goals notepad. Nothing work related went into it. It was my notebook of things I wanted to do and things I wanted to put on pause for later review. You can write your notes to God in that pad. Your note pad doesn’t have to be all fancy, but dedicate a journal of sorts that is just for you. It’s less about selfishness and more about self-centeredness.

Download Applicable Apps
I was in line buying a gift the other day and my girlfriend took my phone and looked up Retail Me Not to see if I could get additional money taken off the cost of the item. It’s habit for her to utilize tools to get things cheaper.
I’m promising to do better with remembering birthdays so I’m on the hunt for a birthday app to help with that. Need daily encouragements? There’s an app for that. Need to know what foods your toddler should be eating. There’s an app for that. Want to journal electronically, trust me there are tons of apps for that too. Try them out and see what works for you. From planning the family meals a week ahead, grocery lists and all to managing bi-coastal conference calls, you will be a better person for equipping yourself with some great apps. They actually do make life a bit easier.

Vision Board Status
I wrote a blog about developing a vision board back in January and recently re-blogged it. Without going into details, it’s the adult version of arts and crafts. The twist is that it’s really about where you want to see yourself in future years. There isn’t a time stamp for each thing you list but it is a constant reminder of your prayers, visions, and dreams. Whenever I get caught up in burning my candle at both ends, I look at my vision board. If I find myself spinning my wheels and still moving no where, I take a look at my board as a reminder of what I said I wanted to do and what I need to be doing. There’s some things on there that I need to get back to and the vision board is that reminder.

I hear people say tomorrow isn’t promised and it’s a waste of time to plan. After all, God, our Creator has the final say. They are absolutely right. He does have the final say. But God didn’t breathe his breath into man kind and cause man to sleep while he performed surgery just to create mindless people without direction. Just as surely as I should not worry about what tomorrow holds is as surely as I know that my faith without working it out is dead. He’s curious to know our heart’s desires. He welcomes the conversations of dreams we hold so deeply guarded in our hearts and he wants only the best for his children.

So head into 2014, with hearts prepared for a new year. You are here to live the one life God gave you. Not the one your sister, friend, church member is living–but YOUR life. The ultimate guide, God’s Word, will map the way. It has all the resolutions you will need.



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