2013 Takeaways

At the end of each class I gauge what students have learned by asking what I would call a takeaway question.

From time to time I would post my daily takeaways especially if the day was particularly eventful or challenging.

Well 2013 was my book and the world was my class. Here are my 2013 Take Aways

They are not in any particular order…

1-Family isn’t restricted to similar DNA. Your relatives can be people you RELATE to.

2-Do not harbor bitterness over hurts; be they perceived or real.

3-We are not in kindergarten. Not everyone has to like you.

4-Master a good poker face because people will need to know you won’t reach for the holy water before reaching over to hug them.

5-Be a person of your word. A sign of weakness is a double-minded person.

6-Be kind to children. They are the best teachers in the world.

7-The term “God knows my heart” is a cop out for wanting to stay in spiritual mediocrity. Know better. Do better.

8-Stop talking Christianese. The few unsaved people you still got on your timeline speak the language you used to speak. Stop frontin’.

9-Don’t throw shade on another person’s hustle. Celebrate their success and get your own.

10-Just because it’s not on Facebook doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Respect people’s privacy when they opt not to share.

11-Not everybody will share your same convictions. Christ said they hate me so they will hate you.

12-Stop taking things personal!

13-Make memories. One day that’s all you will have.

14-Don’t minimize yourself to make someone else feel better about them self. If you’re smart, you’re smart. If you’re pretty, you’re pretty.

15-Take care of your parents even when they are jumping on your last nerve. You want to live a long life right?

16-Share more of the real you. People will come to appreciate your transparency while others will run the other way. Either way you would have yielded the right results.

17-It’s okay to say you don’t know or you need help. People are more apt to help the helpless than a know-it-all.

18-Pay your tithes. If you’re worried about how the church is handling the money, get your accountant degree and come to their rescue.

19-Read more and write more. Your brain will thank you for it and the self-declared Facebook grammarians will too.

20-I stole this from Shakespeare (real gangsta writer): Love all, trust few, do wrong to none.

Happy New Year!


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