Doodlers Dig Deeper

Google does the “most” (term for going the extra mile), when it comes to honoring a famous person. From pop up characters to puzzles, I would text another geek friend when they hit the mark with the visual appeal. So it’s Black History month and why am I feeling like they need to give me more than what I’m getting? It’s day two and I know I should give it some time but we only have 26 more days left! Google doodle came out the gate with Harriet Tubman, the abolitionist.

I have nothing against parading out the recognizable figures of Black History, but there is more to Black History than the few faces that were scattered in our history books.

I took an African history course in high school at night. The only one amon my peers. I don’t even recall why I took it. Maybe I just wanted to get out the house and this was my way. But after the six weeks was up I was the better for it. Learning of kings and queens of now lost and defeated tribes in Africa brought balance to my perspective in life. The women looked like me. Joan of Arc would not be the only female leader I would learn of.

Even now as I grapple my memories to recall a name I’m saddened to say I can rattle off more of Europe’s nobility than I can of those from Africa and the Caribbean. Having an entire year of AP European History versus six weeks of African History (one night a week at that) could have played a part.

So Google Doodlers, I will need you to come correct. Don’t pacify me with the standard song and dance history figures. Not taking away from their influence. But there are way too many stories past and present that have been left untold about the African-American experience.


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