Social Work Month: Why Social Work Is Sexy

My profession celebrates for an entire month. I’m sure the nurses are like “we get a week and how did they end up with a whole 31 days?!” Well who else can celebrate us but ourselves? It’s thirty-one days of asserting ourselves in the professional landscape and reminding our peers in other disciplines that we put SOCIAL in social work.

Kings With Common Touch
We are a long way from the soup kitchen case management life of Hull House. Social workers can be found working in human resource using personal and emotional intelligence to assist in the hiring process. Businesses recognize that company growth and effectiveness hinges upon capacity building a workforce that is emotionally and mentally prepared to be productive in the job setting.

We Are Better Than Fortune-Tellers
Those in this field have a knack for understanding human nature. We recognize the complexities of the mind and respect the power of the brain to heal itself after great trauma. Best person on your team to have is a social work colleague who digs deeper than the obvious and arrives at a meaningful conclusion that is grounded on both theory, experience, and the good old hunch.

And I’m just beginning!

I have got a whole month to stand on my band wagon, beat my own drum and toot my own horn.


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