These Old Keys Won’t Work

I’m a Pinterest junkie. I’m pinning anything from Spring fashion to funny Tshirt quotes to how to get these short legs to look like Carrie Underwood’s long ones. Hey, some of this stuff is reachable others not so much but I digress.

I did come across a quote that I could start reflecting on right away. It read “Old ways won’t open new doors.” Old as in things that have expired, of no use, and have reached its end. New as in fresh, not existing before, or current.

Everyone will reach a juncture in their life when decisions have to be made. I have found that these junctures are coming a mile a minute for me. Each time I turn around there’s a choice I have to make, one that can’t be put off. The keys that may have fit before just aren’t working this time around.

Isaiah 43 reminds me that it’s pointless to remember the “former things” cause God promises to bring about something new. In bringing that something new, it means I have to drop some old habits and even just how I think about certain things.

I have always been disciplined but I realized that I needed to take things up a notch professionally and personally. One such new way for me was handling social media differently. When I realized Facebook was where I was getting my news, that worried me. This is the same girl who read her entire 1987 World Book Encyclopedia in middle school! I had reached an all time personal low. So I dumped Facebook for Pulse and Ted Talk. Now I get my news on faith, psychology, fashion and anything else that strikes my fancy the way I need to: without the “do it for the Vine” drama.

You will find new ways will alienate you from some people and that may be uncomfortable in the beginning. You may find that new ways will be misunderstood. Folks will think you’re on this personal “diva trek” to an imaginary mountain top. They will smirk behind their hands. That comes with the territory. Keep it moving.

Insanity for me was trying to tackle new things with old approaches. The straight jacket wasn’t a good look and I needed to get out that padded room. I got these new set of keys jangling in my pocket and am headed to the next set of doors.



4 thoughts on “These Old Keys Won’t Work”

  1. So well stated friend! The writer in you always seems to amaze me. I pray that the new set of doors you travel through brings everything such as clarity and direction as you move up to the next level.

  2. New ways huh. No more of the excuses this is me and people would have to just get over them self and deal with it. No more antisocializaton and partnering only with the people I love and am comfortable with. Opening new doors to strangers who now has become a new FRIEND. Allowing me to realize myself and know when I’m being discriminatory to outsiders. Welcoming new points of views that will spark respectable and professional conversation that can allow me to grow in other ways. Being inviting to others as Jesus was all the way to the Cross! You are so right Delphine “Old ways WON’T Open up New Doors.
    So let’s tackle on the remIning + or – 20 days and put on a new attitude of LOVE JOY PEACE PAITENCE SELF CONTROL.
    Therefore, Let’s love on others as Christ called us to. Let’s respect others and treat them with compassion. Let’s invite others to our inner circle. For we all are already stamped, “FRAGILE HAND WITH CARE”, “DO NOT FOLD OR BEND”, “HANDLE THIS SIDE UP”

    1. @Maggie: Thanks for standing in agreement with me.
      -“Inner Circles” is a term I haven’t used since the group came out. I would like to think we have circles (plural) of influence where some intersect and others don’t.
      -Twenty days isn’t enough time to tackle all that. Let’s try for a lifetime instead. Thanks for the reflection!

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