Nothing Is Impossible

I have recently re-discovered Readers Digest as a treasure trove of written wisdom. I came across an article about a self-described former drunk on a mission to bring back the massive sequoia trees that have stood on this earth for thousands of years. These massive trees barely dot the surface of this earth today. Everyone thought he was a crackpot. God bless his wife and sons who stood by him. It’s impossible people said. Yet his cloning has since produced replica plants of those planted by George Washington himself. His mission to restore the redwoods is still on track. “Nothing is impossible,” he said.

The word impossible brings us angst and tension. It denotes waiting or in the King James way of speaking, it reminds us that we are in “long suffering.” No one wants to wait on anything. Especially when it seems as if a conclusion will never come.

In Genesis 18, God had to take Abraham aside and I’d like to think the conversation went like this.
God: Did Sarah just really laugh at what I said about her having this baby in her old age? Abraham: Well God, you know women. They have to see the end game of everything before they can believe it. God: The nerve! Is there anything too hard for The Lord? I will return to you at the appointed time next year and you WILL have had this son. Only God can speak in third person and get away with it!

God is hilarious like that. He asks questions and doesn’t wait for responses. That’s his classic modus operandi in that he takes what seems impossible and reminds us that for him NOTHING is impossible! That job that seems beyond your reach. That marriage that’s not currently in sync. That relationship that’s taken a turn for the worse. That depression that’s taking you into darker places. He has already declared, NOTHING is impossible for God.

So as the former drunk continues on his mission of restoration of beautiful trees across this land, he tells the writer of the article that in truth, nothing is impossible. Impossible just takes longer.



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