And The Award Goes To…Mom!

There could never be an award show long enough or glamorous enough to showcase the sacrifices made by our mothers. She is the bedrock, pillar, and cornerstone that kept her family intact. I’m not interested in differentiating between the married or single or adoptive or divorced mom. Far as I can tell, a mom is a mom is a mom. Your common thread is the children you chose to have or you chose to raise as your own.

Most Intuitive
I can’t tell you how many dreams my mom had of me that merited some thought or prayer in my life. Moms just know. They can’t quite put their fingers on it but having those eyes behind their head gave them a leg up on dad most of the time. Moms just know.

Most Creative
Whether it was figuring out how to stretch that week’s grocery budget or hemming down those pair of pants for the next school year, moms are notorious for “making it work.” A friend of mine had no problems with going back to her Haitian roots and getting a bag of rice, pack of chicken and a bottle of vegetable oil for food one week. There would be no Oreos or ice cream this week but her kids would be fed.

Most Likely To Reach Over And …
In the days when what is now deemed “corporal punishment” was called discipline, ‘momma’ had no problem setting you straight. There would come the warnings, countdowns, and even the fancy word–redirection. But when all else failed, you were going to get it!

Most Unsung Heroine
Proverbs 31 does a bang up job of highlighting her roles, her passion, her influence. She is the merchant who traveled to countries to buy and sell her wares. She is the visionary who thought a good future for her children was worth more than her own present comfort. She dreamed big and wanted more for her children. She is the soul that suffers silently to keep her children worry-free. I speak of my own mother and millions who have come and gone, who are here now, and who have yet to come.

Mammas, madres, ma, mami, mum, mother, whatever be her name. Here’s to mothers, may we be raised by them, may we learn from them, may we become like them.


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