Grief And Loss

Pieces Of The Puzzle

When I used to have all the time in the world, putting puzzles together was my thing. I’ve done 1000 packaged puzzles and even a three dimensional castle. That was fun! I couldn’t stand to see them dismantled so puzzle glue kept me from going insane. They would be gifts for anyone who appreciated the hard work that went into matching odd shapes that initially made no sense.

Today’s Grief Bite Devotional:
“It is very important that you work out your grief in your own way, in your own time, and feel what you need to feel. You need not worry if someone else approves of how you grieve. Grief is a puzzle that must be completed by you and God together.”

What a truly liberating statement! I’ve got Sinatra in my head singing I will go through this season of loss MY WAY. Another’s approval of how I work through it is a non-issue at this point. God gave me this huge box of puzzle pieces, a first ever in my life, with no instructions but to TRUST HIM in the process.

There are superb moments where I’m happy to mention my mother who would be proud that I didn’t show up at a recent meet and greet in ballet flats. It’s her “best foot forward” lessons that directs my compass. And then there are the “lows” when I look around at friends whose mothers are still with them, giving them the typical “mother-daughter” type headaches but still here nonetheless.

Friends are cool to have around and share bits and pieces in the process. A spouse can sit a while and help with the edges. But this is one of those “you and God” type of puzzles where the box may be left unattended for days or it’s a marathon to finish up one portion. All in due time.

I don’t want to rush God in this or like the Grief Bites mentions “cheapen” what he can do with me, to me, and through me.


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