Grief And Loss

Baby Steps

Yesterday marked a month since our family’s loss. My dad has trouble sleeping. My brother admits the house is way too quiet. I suspect he tries to stay away as much as possible. I catch myself being easily distracted and not in the moment. Being in a room full of people and feeling alone is what I have come to expect from time to time. However way we each decide to mourn my mother, it must be done.

I’m just thankful for the people in my life who allow me to grieve with dignity and peace. I was never big on phone conversations and still am not. Yet the random texts in the middle of my day keeps me encouraged. The sender may sometime feel it doesn’t. It really does. Taking time away from the mundane certainly keeps things in perspective. I feel guilty for “having fun” or for laughing; it’s something I’m working on doing again with ease.

One month of her absence in this life and a lifetime to go.


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