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Coming Home

“I’m coming home…I know my Kingdom awaits…”

No truer lyrics describe what King James has accomplished by writing this essay. Chockfull of emotions, transparency, and grit, I thank Lebron for setting the tone on what it means to share your heart in the public forum. There is nothing more sexier and appealing than a Black man who can wear his heart on his sleeve and do it with grace.

“I don’t want to deal with these people again…”
How many times have we been burned by others and the singe is yet strong years later? It’s the bigger person who is able to lay down the gauntlet and be the bigger person. Your heart deserves to forgive as it can truly beat in knowing you owe no one anything but love. Step over the burnt effigies and choose love over bitterness. There is no happily ever after but there is definitely peace that passes all understanding.

“My presence will mean more where I’m from…”
The hood is home but far few come back to make a difference. Yes there are children here who need role models but Lebron knows his presence in NE Ohio is where it will matter the most. When you have finally “made” it and you fail to pay it forward, your legacy is tainted. Lebron understands true legacy and understands Miami could be the beginning but not the end.

“But I have two boys and my wife is pregnant…”
I’m always interested in what the partners of leaders have to endure for the love of the husband or wife who hold challenging roles. I’m always asking “what does the wife have to say?” I remember hearing about MLK taking income that should have gone to his family and putting it back into the civil rights movement. We fail to realize leaders have families to go home to. The decisions they make aren’t just made for money but for the greater good. Once the applause, recognition, and work is done, family is all we have. God bless Savannah and her children for standing behind this huge shadow.

As a lover of words, Lebron’s essay washed over me like a salve over wound. For every Heat fan who takes time to reflect on his decision, we can only wish the man all the best and with or without our blessings, Miami must let him go. He came, he saw, he conquered.

He’s headed home…


1 thought on “Coming Home”

  1. Absolutely! His decision to write instead of interviewing with grueling reporters whose purpose is to blow up the tabloids shows a matured Lebron. Against what is popular to do,he realizes Ohio is home. Lebron is that different guy, the one who cherishes those small moments and the nuggets of life lesson learned from the citizens in his hood. A hood that he wants his children to experience to have a story to tell. #homeiswheretheheartis!

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