Random Thoughts

Forgetting Facebook

I’ve been debating on doing this blog for a minute. Only because I felt I would be a hypocrite in publicly bashing what was for me a primary mode of communication for many years. My husband asked me the other day why I’ve been off Facebook. This is the guy who still doesn’t understand why some offensive things will continue to show up on his newsfeed. Ummm… ask your Facebook “friends”.

I initially got on to plan for our high school’s 20th reunion. That was a bust and it should have been a clue. I remained cause it was the only way (or so I thought) to keep up with my friends, colleagues, community partners, etc. It then became my primary news source. It was my CNN, TMZ all wrapped in one. It was my go to for everything social media. And then I fasted.

Fourty plus days later I wasn’t a crack fiend trying to get back on to my account. This surprised me. Fourty days became two months became three months and now it’s nearly six months later and the taste for the Facebook life is waning. I took a break to fast, study for an important professional exam, and to prep for a new job I was looking into. I walked away with a boost to my faith, licensure, and a new job. God honored my season of fasting.

Do I miss it? Not sure. Will I return to it? Who knows. What I know is that I have decluttered corners of my brain that were getting saturated with non-sense. I have some more brain cells to use for other ventures and experiences. I have made space for new information and new ideals. Facebook was a good thing; deactivating my account was an even “gooder” thing.

I have Pinterest to go to for my ideas, Instagram for my shot in the arm posts, LinkedIn to keep me on the cutting edge of personal/professional growth, and Pulse to give me the news
I want to read. Not sure how Facebook is going compete with all of that.

It’s not a final farewell to Facebook but it certainly is a “see ya when I see ya” kinda thing.


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