All Growed Up

Our niece found the time to hang out with me and a girlfriend the other night. Two old battle axes scored some time with a spring chicken. Scratch that. Two seasoned chicks hanging out with a baby chick. That sounds better. Lol!

In my day, one did NOT want go out with someone twice your age. What do you talk about? What would you have in common? Life and social media has since bridged that cultural distance. Two Gen-Exers and a Millennial can actually break bread, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company.

Being with a woman whose diapers you once changed is truly a humbling experience. That girl has gone from a cute chubby-wubby toddler to a woman whose curves cause older men (perves that they are) to turn oh so delicately for a quick glance. I laugh on the inside cause she’s still clueless on that level. Seasoned chicks know when a dude slows down for a look. We just know.

Our conversations aren’t stilted and rehearsed. We browse through clothes–she has good taste. We talk about shoes–she’s a sneaker head. We talk about men–how slow they can be. I encourage her to keep hope alive. They eventually catch up (some do anyway). She’s given up on the best friend thing–yep, best friends are overrated. Now good, fantabulous, enduring girlfriends, that’s another story for another day!

Weeknights at the mall and late night dinners isn’t my usual scene. My bed and a pink bathrobe is my idea of hot locale and fashion. But I’m learning that you do what you do for the memories and time spent together. In between my occasional yawns, and bites of chicken penne, I am thankful for yet another moment with a loved one. The years fly by oh so fast! From diapers to diva, that girl has grown up. Thankful for having a good seat in the house to see it happen.


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