Grief And Loss

Be Brave

My mom passed away four weeks after I started on my new journey on this new professional role. She was proud of me. I know she was. My hard earned education and professional growth would now matter as it hadn’t before. I walked away from tenure in public service for an upstart position that no one in town had heard of. As I grow in this season of loss, I know God has certainly graced me with an opportunity to do good work that will endure.

Sometimes you think you are living your life in a vacuum and that no one notices or even cares. I have since learned that one’s bravery to live encourages others to live life to the fullest. I have seen people surmount the insurmountable. I figure if they can, then why not me? I’m humbled to know that lives are being changed by my personal tragedy, my personal pain.

Think of a circumstance you would rather bury deep within. If you chose to be transparent about it, how many people would be affected for the better? How many would be impacted to be their personal best?

Step out on faith, so that others will then dare to be brave.



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