Random Thoughts

Operation Organization

I don’t know what it is about home and life organization that appeals so much to me. In my next act I think I want to be an organization guru to people who need to “fix” their life. I think I got the trait from my dad. Everything in his space has a purpose and everything has it’s place. For a man, his room is meticulous. My mom’s linen closet was always neatly stacked and to this day, folded towels on a shelf makes me feel like all is right with the world.

Now I’m not a neat freak by a long shot. As I type, I’m staring at an overflowing laundry basket that won’t get tended to for another few days. But the point that there is a laundry basket (and mine are all pre-designated for specific clothing) speaks volume about the importance order plays in my life. I read somewhere that being organized is less about being neat but more about having a designated place for your possessions.

Is your make-up strewn about the bathroom counter? Can you find a jewelry piece at a moment’s notice? Is your laundry languishing on the floor? Are your cleaning supplies hidden under a pile of junk in the garage? Are your shoes under the bed (major pet peeve!). I spent five months staring at my home office. It resembled a scene out of hoarders. Paper everywhere! I promise you my headache didn’t subside until a trip to Office Depot, some hanging folders and new shredder did the trick.

I think it’s a mental thing. Organizing one’s home or dare I say one’s life is part of the key to peace of mind. After all, a cluttered house is a cluttered mind. Embarking on an organization project can be intimidating to say the least. Taking baby steps will help.

Here are some tips to get you started:
-Organize your important documents. Plenty of websites can help you in figuring out what to keep and for how long.
-Give away, donate, or throw away. It’s easier said than done, I know.
-Buy some storage items and pack or place things away. Office Depot, Home Depot, The Container Store, Walmart–whatever floats your boat and is in your budget.
-Get creative. My most prized Pinterest project was staining a wood tie rack that was just sitting unused in my husband’s closet. It now hangs all my necklaces and has space up top for some framed photos.
-Ladies get your shoe game in order. Nothing worse than a well dressed woman who takes forever to find her shoes. Box them in clear bins. Home Depot is my go to. Those on “baller status” can check out The Container store. This sister got way too many shoes to be buying lucite boxes. #ANBGT4Dat

I’m not sharing anything new. Plenty of websites can help you get on your way. I’ve been itching to “organize” somebody’s life! Nothing like a 180 degree change to make me feel accomplished.


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