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I remember telling this angry and uncertain graduating senior that the world owed her nothing. That her misplaced frustrations had less to do with others and more to do with herself. That life was hers for the taking and a bus ride to college with nary a penny to her name would just be her current lot in life. That was five years ago and she hasn’t looked back since.

Every once in a while, God sends others to remind you that time certainly taught you some lessons that should be shared. That heartache and loss isn’t just a personal experience but something to ultimately give like sand on a beach. We go through life so wrapped up in self, hardly realizing the fellow man who is but a hairsbreadth away. Watching, waiting, and wanting to be noticed.

Our challenges, our trials, and indeed our pain isn’t just an experience to be endured without incident. The waves of life should be ripples that ultimately wash over the lives of those we connect with. Many falter at the doorsteps of a bright future only because another has failed to simply be transparent in their living.

I often think of this season in my life and wonder what of this pain? What of this gnawing emptiness that creeps about like an unwanted visitor? Seems as if the more we share on social media the more we hide from others and ultimately ourselves.

Imagine a world where people didn’t hide their tricks of the trade. That the proverbial career ladder was wide enough for everyone to fit on. That education wasn’t for just the elite. That healthy relationships weren’t a mystery but the norm. That people would just be truthful in their living.
That this verse would jump from the Holy Book and take flight in our lives:

“Your testimonies are my delight; they are my counselors.”- Psalms 119:24


2 thoughts on “Testimony”

  1. This is why I really like honestly opening up while blogging. It’s a great chance to connector with others. And I never know when God might be speaking through me, to someone whom He brings to the blog site.

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