Random Thoughts

Downton Abbey Giving Me Life

Yeah I’m late. Like how many seasons late? Tardy to the Downton Abbey party. I’ve been hearing talk about this Masterpiece Theatre “piece de resistance” for some time but it stayed below my radar. Then a little thing like cutting my cable and being conscious about my tv watching led me to a beautiful mansion, with servants quarters below and a Lord and his family living above. Throw in the requisite scene stealing dowager and we have got my latest addiction.

I’m taken back to my first fictional love: fictional novels set in 18th/19th century England. My how my vocabulary shot through the roof during my middle school years. And to think it was reading boring textbooks that did that. Not! Lord and ladies going about the life of the “ton”. Using calling cards to pay people visits and taking in the “season” in London each year in search of husbands for hopeful young women. I know it all sounds impossibly dated. The fact that nary (yes I used the word nary) a black soul shows up in any of these books and now this series should have me running to the next movie noire. But I love me summa DAbbey!

All five foot three of my Haitian, Sisterlock wearing soul enjoys a show where human beings struggle to make sense of a world that’s shifting from centuries of proper decorum as they are blasted into the First World War. I love seeing “middle class” folks grapple to make sense of where life was and where it is headed. That being a maid turned secretary is possible. That being a lady of the house turned nurse turned women’s lib believer is possible. Seeing the grand Dowager bitingly quip throughout this series as she harkens to yesteryears gives me life! That lady there is something else. Sarcasm and wit at it’s height.

So I’m still trying to find someone whose not too busy watching Black-ish or Blacklist to join me (however late) in yacking about a show I can’t wait to get home to see. It’s got oodles and oodles of great scenes, plots, subplots and twists. So anyone, anybody? Join me for some tea and crumpets will you. Tsk, tsk.



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