Holiday Humbug

Each year I make it a point to buy a holiday themed Tshirt. I have a Dr Seuss one and I also have a Hello Kitty one. This year, I’m seriously thinking of getting the Oscar the Grouch one that says it all for me, “Bah Humbug.” Just not in the mood for it this year. Call it missing my mom, call it advertisement overload, call it whatever you like. It’s just not in me this year.

The Christmas season was usually my thing. Scurrying about buying gifts for people. Baking cookies and making bread pudding was my thing. Come see all the cookie racks I have to prove it! The tree be it real or fake would go up. I would add a few new pieces to the decor, candles would be lit in our fire place. Nat King Cole would be playing softly in the background. Holiday smells wafted through our home. I had “Christmas” nailed.

This year, there won’t be a list to check twice. No unique gifts to match with unique people. No personal cards with our family photo to mail out. I might bake. I just might.

Celebrate the season? Yeah or Nah? I choose Nah.


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