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Boycotts and Sit-Ins

A verdict has been reached. Stores have been pillaged and my Instagram stream is steeped in provocative images. Black man hung by an American flag noose. Malcolm X has been resurrected. Black Friday myths and calls for boycotts come in at a steady clip. Black woman holding a little boy with the words “don’t shoot me” painted on his shirt. All provocative, all well meaning, all coming from a place of rightful indignation.

Although my shadow wasn’t going to darken no one’s store at 4am this Friday, these pleas for boycott isn’t making a bit of difference in what I do this weekend. But I do plan to boycott and I do plan to sit in.

I am boycotting ignorance. I am boycotting the ignorance in believing that walking up and down a street in 2014 is going to solve today’s social ills. Ignorance in believing that the conversation on race and culture can be done in 30 second sound bites by people who live in the mountains of success and only come down to promote a book every few years. Ignorance in believing that a black man’s future is tied to his athletic prowess and not his business acumen. Ignorance in believing that a black woman isn’t worth a damn if her self-worth isn’t tied to a man, a pair of shoes or purse. Yeah, that’s what I’m boycotting.

I am sitting in. I am sitting in on my future children’s school plays, parent meetings, and book readings. I am sitting in community organizations whose core values align with mine. I am sitting in on community meetings before things happen not after they happen. I am sitting in a career that takes a young hand in mine and walks the journey to adulthood with them. I am sitting in a church, a prayer meeting or a bible study that will lead my heart and soul to think all things eternal and not be so caught up in the temporal. I am sitting in a marriage where my future children will have a father figure to set the example on how to live a productive life. I am sitting in on purposeful relationships with other women that empower and encourage our better selves. I am sitting in a diverse family where society’s dictates of what love looks like doesn’t stem our flow. Yeah that’s what I’m sitting in.

So pardon me if I bypass this Black Friday boycott and move on to things worth boycotting and worth sitting in.


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