Family: Who You Make Of It

I learned from my parents a long time ago that family is who you make of it. With relatives living countries and states apart, I knew from early childhood that water would and could in many ways be thicker than blood. Neighbors became aunts and uncles. I would soon accept that it is the common story that would bind me closer to friends than family in years to come.

Holidays and special occasions are a constant reminder that memories are made with loved ones who have stood the test of time. Friends who have helped me create memories that relatives simply could not. Losing my mom brought that home for me. For every memory that I have created before and after her passing has not had the “family member” stamp on it. Rather, it is the friend whose stood beside me, the in-law whose kept me in prayer, the classmate whose not too far away.

Holidays are poignant reminders that family comes in many shapes and sizes. They are the unexpected souls, deposited by God into our lives to walk this journey through life making memories along the way.


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