Grief And Loss

When Time Stands Still

They say the first holiday/special occasion without a loved one hits you the hardest. Welp! They are right. It is a waterfall, at once painful in its sting and refreshing in its release.

My mind went immediately to a song I sang back in my younger years as a Christian. It had an R and B to it that truly had no meaning to my untried ears back then. But with many seasons later, these ears now hear a different tune that only comes with time and experience.

“When time stands still, and I lose my will, I find myself in you…”
The moment when the world keeps turning and you’ve politely gotten off to deal with whatever it is you’re dealing with. It is then that you come to know Christ for yourself–not just what a clergyman on the pulpit tells you, but what you come to realize in your living this life. So you burrow yourself like a flea burrows into a dog, deeper and deeper into God. Like David, under the wings of His protection, under the rock that is “higher than I.”

“Who am I to ignore what I’m feeling inside?…”
The moment when all pretenses are flung aside in acknowledgement that this pain, this hurt, this hollowness exists. Walking around on eggshells around people is bad enough, walking around the eggshells of your own soul is even worse. Feet must come down hard, even bleed some, as you make your way to finding peace within yourself.

“You know I found hope, after I let go…”
The moment when you release that anger, that pressure, that angst, that burden for the sweet, light, and easy burden promised by our Savior. His promise to never give us more than we can bear seems doubtful at times, hell even unfair! The letting go and letting Him has got to be the one most liberating thing a human being will ever experience in their lifetime. Just let it go.

“Nothing else matters beneath the burning sun…”
This Ecclesiastical approach to life is feared by many. It’s a reminder that this life is not permanent that we are not immortals here on earth. That our immortality is tied to faith and ultimately to our salvation. As visitors walking about this planet waiting on a greater promise, how then should we live? Like slaves to a world who holds no promise or like aliens here but for a moment in time?

“If my dreams shatter, my world will not come undone…”
Our hearts are filled with doors shut hiding dreams unrealized, dreams stolen, dreams shattered. But to know who we are because of whose we are is the single most important revelation we will ever come to. That the dreams we thought we should live out pale in comparison to our Creator’s vision for our lives. Children left unborn, marriages that are no more, loved ones gone too soon all part of His plan for our lives on earth.

“Unconditional trust, sent from heaven above is more than enough …”
With a wasteland of empty promises left behind us, our trust, our hope is in a Savior who came in human form. He is more than enough. More than the husband you may never have. The children you may never have. The degree you may never have. The loved who is no longer here. The friends who have gone their own way. The job that never was. HE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH!

So when your time stands still, will you find yourself in Him?


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