Dodging The Holidays

This holiday season came and went like a flash in a hot pan. I’ve avoided the maniacs at the mall and the lunatics on the streets. I have become a professional dodger. Dodging my neighbor’s “no decorations this year?” or a family member’s “why no gifts this year?” I have even dodged the holiday wear tradition of heels and sweater vests for puffer vests and biker boots. I have not dodged “being cute” in my fashion gear though. I’m not that far gone, lol! Just a subconscious decision to live a more conscious life.

After all, there is nothing glamorous or glitzy about Christmas. Nothing sexy about a man whose thinking twice about leaving his teenaged wife after she comes up preggers. There is no need for Maury Povich in the face of this evident truth–he is NOT the daddy! While he’s drawing up papers to end this present madness, a supernatural being tells him he may wanna think twice about that choice. So he does. He walks beside her as both her belly and the rumors extend.

They find them selves mere witnesses to the greatest gift ever given to mankind. God the Son, dons flesh to walk this earth. His lineage is of adulterous men and women of ill repute. His future fair weather friends would be flung into the four winds at the sign of a major challenge. What a waste of thirty-three years of one’s life some may say. What a gain for a wretch like me!

I will keep dodging the holiday season and continue to embrace the CHRISTmas one.


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