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New Year Musings: I Takes The Stairs

Creeping up on another year is cause for all types of anxiety. Social media outlets have people thinking that you’re a snail in a Speedy Gonzalez world. If you’re not traveling to the ends of the earth, reading the latest book, or making your butt stand at attention, there certainly must be something wrong with you. Well don’t believe the hype!

When was the last time someone posted that they had every intentions of getting up to run, but fell right back in bed? Or that they didn’t have the funds to go to the swanky steak house and ended up at the local two for the price of one eatery? After all, no one is posting pictures of chicken tenders and fries. Lol! Or that they stay in the consignment stores and bypass the department stores? Setting goals and keeping it real with self and others is a dying art in these here streets.

I recently teased a rather successful friend of mine about making the “got it all together” life look easy. Got folks ’round here thinking her stuff don’t “stank.” Her response to my sarcastic jibe: “I don’t take the elevator where I’m going. I’m taking the stairs.” A reminder that for every goal that’s set comes with objectives that will take more than a microwave minute to see through. Getting a doctorates means sleepless nights. Raising a family means dreams deferred for a season. Starting a business means not getting paid for months.

Don’t go into the new year already bogged down with self-doubt and trepidation. Breathe. Relax. Take the stairs one at a time.


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