New Year Musings: Couples Setting Goals Together

Ahhh…the luxury of being single! You make your schedule and owe no man any explanations. Get hitched and you now have another human being whose tagged along for the matrimonial ride. Gone are the days of scheduling last minute trips to Vegas with your friends. Don’t go into the new year without thinking some things through as a unit.

1. Set aside some time to review your marriage statement. Remember the one you should have created earlier in your marriage? It’s the philosophy and/core values that guides the decision-making in your home. Buying a home, having children, starting a business may be cause to tweak it some. Revamp it if need be.

2. Be sure your budget aligns with your values. Your taking trips on a monthly basis may not make sense if you have set goals to purchase a home or set aside money for the children’s college fund. It has to make sense on paper and in reality.

3. Set aside time during the year for enrichment opportunities. Having a healthy marriage means regular tune ups. Attending counseling sessions “just because” or registering for marriage conferences is a great way to keep things fresh.

4. Spend time in prayer and meditation together. Your spiritual lifestyle can’t afford to suffer. Nothing like a house of cards collapsing to put things into perspective.

Be proactive as a couple in heading off any issues before they arise. Going into a new year with old issues is a recipe for disaster. Your marriage deserves a fresh start for the upcoming new year. So make it happen.


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