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New Year Musings: Your Online Presence

Over dinner with some friends, the subject of one’s privacy on social media came up. Apparently when you opt to not reveal every twist and turn of your personal life you are the one being “extra.” We now live in a society where one’s need for privacy is demeaned and ridiculed. How dare you not show the world your “arse” and #breaktheinternet!

There really is no throwing back the fish once it’s caught but you can certainly stave off any further bloodletting when it comes to your social media presence. I’m a prude by nature and as a blogger, I walk a tight rope of sharing just enough without sharing too much. With one press of the button my blog is sent to three social media outlets and is out there for posterity. I keep telling myself that public office isn’t in my future anyway. Well, after four years of blogging and being an online pundit, it isn’t now, lol!

Our image, our reputation, our character is put to the test each time we share out on the internet. Here are some things to keep in mind for the new year to keep the cops from your door and you gainfully employed.

1. No revealing photos. Kim K gets to go back to her mansion at the end of her photo shoot. You get to go back to your 9-5 where folks know where that paw tattoo is located in your nether regions. #TMI

2. Your personal values will always be on trial. People have lost recommendation letters and didn’t even know it! All because you opted to put some off the wall comment about your boss or how much you don’t like coming into work early. #File13

3. Don’t ask dumb questions. Yes folks. There is such a thing as asking dumb questions. Don’t tell my middle schoolers though. Social media should not be where you get your counseling from. As a licensed clinician, it reads to me as a pattern of attention seeking behavior and unfulfilled relationships. Call or text your real friends for all that. #CallTyrone

4. If you don’t want it mentioned during a job interview, in counseling with your therapist (on second thought, maybe you should) or in front of your pastor, keep it off the airwaves. Facebook is going to pull your photos whether you like it or not and make a “hella” slideshow of your life for all to see. #KeepItKosher

We all enjoy sharing pieces of our lives with our social media “friends.” It’s how we now connect with each other. It’s how some feel they can remain relevant. Let’s just not sacrifice huge chunks of ourselves on the internet altar for 300 likes and side eye glances the next day. #FixTheInternet


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