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The Empire Strikes Back

Blog warning label! If you are looking for a spiritually uplifting blog or a leadership inspiring post, this ain’t it. I’m code switching for a hot minute to catch my breath and talk about the “ratchetosity” that is Fox’s new show, The Empire. This self-confessing binge TV watching chick (one who watches 12 episodes of a show in two days) really doesn’t have the time to sit and watch a tv series on a weekly basis. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I just happened to trip and stay seated on the last five minutes of The Empire, starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson.

I missed ma girl Taraji when she up and died off of CBS’ “Person of Interest.” That first and last kiss with Jim Caviezel (the best Jesus I have ever seen in a movie) was everything. Taraji then decided to exist stage left. The show hasn’t meant the same for me as this only sistah brought the spice to Jim’s cold character. So when I heard that Ms. Henson and Mr. Howard would take on roles similar to their Hustle and Flow characters, I gotta admit, I just thought the “hard out here for a pimp” mentality just wouldn’t wash with Fox viewers. After all, this is the home of 24! I envision Jack Bauer sitting on an island with his television somewhere wondering how he can get like Lucious. And the names! Lucious and Cookie. Gasp! Hood names for the ratchet characters that they embody.

Catching the last five minutes of last night’s episode (without any internet research) has got me this:
-Cookie is one tough cookie. All pun intended. Slurping wine out a glass?! Clutch ma purse and ma pearls! She’s not about to fake the funk and doesn’t take anything lying down. Them dead animals she insists on wearing to keep her warm make sense to nobody but her. But I dare you to tell her otherwise. She don’t play about hers and will cut a … Well you get the point.

-Lucious, Lucious. I never did trust light skinned brothers with pretty eyes (don’t judge me) and he is the very reason why. Behind them “hazel one minute and green another minute” eyes just ooh! Lucious oozes all things evil and for every step he takes, I can just see him leaving behind the snake skin he sheds as he recreates himself into an even deadlier adversary. He’s worked hard for his. He was never handed anything and he’s not about to have it taken.

-Both individuals are the hood version of the Obamas. As this now divorced couple (I think they are divorced) sit and commiserate on the next move for the company, Lucious pauses and says “You and I made a good team.” Cookie cleans that up by saying, “But I made you better.” Mic drop, walk away in that tacky dress, and flip that weave. Deader than dead.

So will this be the new show that will have folks at the altar come Sunday morning? Heard tell that season two is already on lock. Does Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating need to worry? Can an attorney and professor survive Hurricane Cookie?

There is room at the table for all three I’m guessing. After all what would family dinner be without that sistah who just won’t act right. Gon’ head Cookie. Let’s give these good folks a hella show.



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