Faith, Grief And Loss

God’s Will Be Done

Demain si Dieu vle. No more famous words have been spoken by Haitian people who have lived long enough to know better. Simply translated to say, tomorrow if God wills it.

I used to be quick with my “see ya later” and “let’s talk tomorrow” goodbyes. Only to come to a full and flat out realization that no matter how well thought out or planned it is, tomorrow is not promised. Tomorrow is not mine to claim. My Herculean belief in myself, my powers, my influence, and my abilities has been whittled down to a bunch of dry sticks. No, friend. Tomorrow is not ours for the taking. Not unless God wills it. Not unless He deems it is within the grand scheme of his purpose.

My mother did not live a moment past her destined time. Cancer was her exit ticket, but God determined her beginning and transition. Her struggle and personal pain was not a random act of tragedy but a lesson I take into my own being, serving an ultimate purpose in my own life. Some call this view a fatalistic and cowardly way to regard the tragedy of loss. That we just allow things to “happen” to us. That this God I serve is nothing short of cruel and unjust.

Yet he is far from it. His promise is of burdens that will not be too heavy for us to carry. He knows what we can and cannot handle. He boasts of His children whose faith is not based on feelings and emotions. That “avek Bon Dieu, tou va bien.”

With God, all will be well.