Let Facebook Tell It 

“Life is good for everybody on Facebook, praise the Lord!” A tongue in cheek post by one of my Facebook buddies had me laughing on the inside. So funny and so true. 

If I believed everything I read on social media, there would be no need for the Second Coming. Jesus why am I waiting for you? Folks are happy, families are whole, money is flowing, you can just hold off on the returning cause we are just enjoying our utopia down here on earth. 

Lies we tell ourself. 

Let Facebook tell it …

Our Marriages Are Perfect

Have you ever seen a couple post a photo of them throwing dishes at each other? One that was sanctioned by them at least? Nope! That’s cause no one wants you to know that right after they posted the family trip photos, they were arguing about how the trip was going to put a dent in their budget for the next six months! Lord knows me and the hubster have had some world class stimulating discussions that will never make the editor’s final cut. The cute couples photos will just have to do. 

We Got Haters On Every Corner

I’m always baffled about the emphasis and focus that’s placed on giving attention to the so called “haters.” I mean really. Who are these people and why are they still your friends on any social media outlet? People may not understand your life’s trajectory. They may sometimes find it puzzling. They may find it down right hilarious! But giving them the label of “hater” and dedicating 95% of your posts and attention to people who probably don’t even “follow” you on Facebook is an absolute waste of time. 

We Lead Glamourous Lives

Chile puhleeze! I will be the first to say that my zero-balanced budget is planned a whole year in advance for any big family trip to anywhere. And for every two outings I may go to there are five others that I either could not afford, did not make my life priority list (the list of is this worth my precious time), or did not make my radar. I’m good for posting community events. And even better at not attending them. So when we see someone on the beaches somewhere on an island you can’t even pronounce, stop the speculation and just enjoy the scenery. Way I see it, you are giving me the most bang for my buck! I love New York. Love FAO Schwartz! Love the Eiffel Tower and the city’s view. I enjoy Soho’s trendy shops. Never been there! Between books and friends’ pics, I feel as if I had. Giving thanks and keeps scrolling. 

Cheers to the fashionistas who bought thrift and paired it with Macy’s clearance! Kudos to the professionals that stay on that hook up lost. One time for the Groupon/Living Social junkies! Hi five to those who work hard and play even harder. I ain’t mad atcha. You are doing the most, you are giving us life ‘outchere’ and you got us sipping on champagne wishes and eating caviar dreams! 

Robin Leach would be an unemployed fool if Facebook was on in the 1980’s. Or instead of him hosting “Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous” it would be “Let Facebook Tell It.”


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