For The Stupid Things 

“Sometimes we wish for the better When what we have is as good as it gets…”

The father of the bride started his requisite toast with all the niceties that the occasion demanded. He veered off coarse a bit with his stern warnings of leaving all people, places, and things behind after exchanging these vows. So I’m looking over at my husband with eyes wide as saucers, like did he really say all that? Was that really necessary?

Yessir! It’s necessary and then some!

We have unhappy people sitting in this institution called marriage, thinking that if only they could step outside of their chosen pasture, there would be something nicer, better, prettier, handsomer out there.  As if that warm snoring body with their arm casually draped over you just isn’t enough. That the one who loves to sneak up on you from behind doesn’t quite do it for you anymore. 

There isn’t a married person out there who doesn’t play the “what-if” game every now then. What if I had left for school? What if we didn’t have these kids so early? What if we did have some booger face munchkins? What if we lived in suburbia and not urban hood? What if we were both college educated? What if I didn’t have these student loans? What if?…

What if this is as good as it gets? What if the secret jokes you share with each other can never be topped by another? What if those thighs and legs are the only ones that can wrap around you just so? What if their words will be the only ones that can bring you from 100 back to 0 in no time? What if their voice is the only one your ears and heart will ever respond to?

Too much of a gamble to find out otherwise. 


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