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A Mother Nonetheless

Approaching Mothers Day with slight trepidation. It’s normal. It’s expected. 

Loss of a mother. 

Not a mother. 

All things that should send one to an asylum. 

And then one’s spiritual eyes awaken to the many “mother stories” collected.  The talks, the prayers, the encouragements. All motherly. All with a mother’s heart. All led by motherly instincts. 

And I remember, though I have never had a child exit my womb, surely I have birthed many into their destiny! Surely I have carried many into adulthood!

No stretch marks on this belly. No added pounds from carrying another soul. No mommy war stories to speak of. I won’t miss what I have never had. 

Personal peace years in the making. However way God wills it. 

Thankful for the years of practice, of being a willing student. Watching, ever watching…

Waiting my turn…


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