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Elephants Don’t Belong In The Room

I have always been a tad bit of a claustrophobic. I will wait ten minutes rather than enter an elevator brimming with bodies. It was never my thing to go to large events/functions. I’m good for spotting all the exit doors for an easy getaway five minutes upon arrival. So having the proverbial elephant in the room is the least of my favorite things. 

Elephant in the room. That thing, that thought that has been left unsaid. People tip toe around IT. They set up chairs and sit around IT. All the while ignoring the reality of IT. Besides knocking down furniture and running amuck, there is a reason why elephants do not belong in a room. 

Elephants are harmful. Failure to acknowledge anything that is weighing down on the collective brings about stress for the parties involved. Marriages where people fail to speak on the sensitive subjects of finance and unhappiness are the marriages that end with broken homes. Workplaces where employees feel stifled and helpless are the workplaces where the door continues to revolve or the work culture declines. It is important for people to understand that one’s sanity and health is at great peril when tough topics remain unaddressed. 

Elephants are deceiving. Your elephant may have opted to take a seat at the dining room and hasn’t moved for some time. You think that just because that problem has not moved an inch means you are okay. The fact that it’s trunk is swinging around and dishes are being dashed to the floor doesn’t faze you. “As long as my problem stays put, I’m good.” While its “staying put” your problem is festering and you find that you are bleeding out internally. You will never see when that sneaky elephant rears its head. Keeping our problems at bay doesn’t mean they won’t come back around. It becomes a question of when, not if it comes back your way. Never get comfortable with your problems. No one should live in a state of hypervigilance waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

Elephants can be removed. This great beast has found a home in your life. It has been there for years. Thus it will not go quietly into the night. You will have your work cut out for you in identifying that issue, that problem that has consumed your life. Confrontation is the key to it all. 

Acknowledging and yes even embracing your elephant is the first step in removing it from your life. Who among us enjoys identifying the very thing that is holding us back from a life that is meaningful? Who among us enjoys having to face our fears? I daresay none. It is a necessary work. A work requiring our stronger self , our better self, our wiser self. 

That elephant deserves the boot! He doesn’t go well with the decor. No elephant belongs in any room. 

A woman’s approach to removing the elephant in her room at



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