Mommyhood: Not For The Faint Of Heart

The cool thing about being a mommy-in-waiting is being able to have a front row seat in seeing how others raise their children. I have mommy-friends that span the mothering continuum. From newborn to grand-parenting. And as varied as the life styles, cultures, backgrounds, or values are, there are some underlying commonalities that thread their way throughout. 

Motherhood is a full time job. Be ye a stay at home mom or business owner, your role doesn’t stop when you drop off Little Johnny to school and commence when you pick him up. Mothers are always thinking of ways to approach this whole idea of parenting. My friends have all demonstrated to me that with every fiber in their body, they are thinking of ways to parent better. 

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. From parenting a child with disabilities to parenting a familiarly strong-willed child, there are no breaks! I have seen mothers of ill children do things to heal their children that would make grown men gag! The teas, the poultice, the enemas, the ointments that are administered in the oddest of places. You do it without a second thought. 

Motherhood is fun! I’m so glad I have friends who are creative and always thinking of new ways to encourage their children to be dare devils in life. From the rock climbing toddler to the mom who will say farewell to her Euro-soccer playing son, you have molded children who think outside the norms. You have exposed them to libraries, museums, the outdoors, all things to stimulate a healthy upbringing. 

Kudos to all my mommy-friends who make it look oh so effortless.  


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