I have finally deduced that the best kind of vacation is the one where there isn’t any wi-fi. The root word for vacation is “to vacate” or “to remove oneself.” Hardly an easy feat when your phone keeps chirping all sorts of sounds. One for work email. Another for personal email. You get the point. 

For the one day I had wi-fi over this recent vacation cruise, my anxiety level spiked each time the notifications went off. For those whose emails/texts notifications come up front and center on their IPhone, I am sure you can empathize with the madness that comes with this phone. I promise for each one that popped up, I was ever so tempted to respond. And I admit, I might have generated two, responded to one, read five, and ignored ten. Not bad for a person whose pertinent emails rarely go unread. 

But ya girl did good. Disconnecting from life as I know it has so many merits. And doing it on a cruise gives room for such plausible responses as to why I can’t or truthfully won’t respond to the mundane. I’m international. I’m overseas. I’m wherever stress isn’t. I’m glad I didn’t know. 

 I read three books in three days. That can’t be done if I’m hawking over my iPad or IPhone. I made my way around the ship. Alone! That’s a huge deal for someone who has issues with getting lost and connecting with people I don’t know. I stayed up well past my bedtime. Another epic success for this early riser who needs a nap to refuel. I laughed a lot! Between the people watching and being in the moment, I had no choice but to giggle and holler just because. Let’s not discuss the ports of call! My appetite for all things historic, relaxing, and at a bargain deal was satiated at every country we visited. Goes to show, not everyone needs a trip down the Caribbean’s longest zip liner to feel exhilarated. But if that’s your thing, go on with ya bad self. 

Writing this blog is my first act as Queen of Back to Reality. Even as the text messages start streaming in, signaling that life went on just fine without me, buzzing both great and extremely sad news in one fell swoop, I am refreshed. I’m ready to reconnect and press Go. I’m now ready to respond to the 50 plus text messages that flew across my screen. Yikes! 




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