Random Thoughts

Bossy Girl 2.0

I sat in a room packed with female Type A boss personalities the other day and nearly choked to death on the amount of Estrogen that was being emitted in the space! 

Random women, varying walks of life all describing them self as bossy, perfectionist, Type A. Lawd! I thought I was at the “I Operate in Excellence” convention. I have been used to being the”boss” in my personal and work life for so long that I never factored in the reality that there are more creatures like me out there. Women who do not take no for an answer. Women who step on hot coals to get to their destination in life. When you see your mirror image, it’s like damn! Have several seats! 

What happens when you and the other sister in the room bleed the same Type A blood? Do you turn catty and claw each other’s eyes out or do you turn and hold their hand in empathy. Living this #40IsMyReality life has come with some behavior adjustments. Notice I didn’t say attitude adjustment. Behavior is learned. Attitude is an excuse to behave badly. 

It’s taken some time and reflection to trust that my sister who enjoys a rousing debate as much as I do isn’t out for my blood. Or that when she sees things a certain way and I don’t, compromise doesn’t have to be a dirty word. 

Living in my Christ-like reality means I have learned to relinquish the imaginary crown I gave myself for the one that Jesus promises me. That crown speaks of serving others, placing others first before myself. This world says you’re a carpet when you deny yourself the right to “be right” all the time. It’s not easy just sitting on the sidelines watching train wrecks happen when you know your “know-it-all self” could have been a better conductor on the train. Sucks teeth. I could have done that hella better than her and looked good while doing it–you think. Truth is you could have. Yet being Madame or Mademoiselle Right may cost you more than you may have bargained for.

Here’s to all the Boss Chicks who don’t eat people for sport. Your character will speak volumes for this life and eternity. Here’s to the Perfectionist who understands that people are worth more as friends than as enemies. Here’s to the Type A dame who has made peace with her flaws and is working on being her better self. You will always be smart, you will always stand out, you will always be recognized. You just don’t have to be Cruella Devil while you’re being you. 

Trade in that first version of you for the Bossy Girl 2.0. 


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