Back To School Grind

I get asked the million dollar question around this time every year. “Are you ready to be back at work with the students?” I pause. I gulp. And my response is always. “Of course I am!” As if the gnawing feeling that resides somewhere between my stomache and my heart doesn’t really exist. 

It’s always an anxious time in getting ready for another school year. If you’ve been about the business of educating young minds long enough, you know one can never be truly ready. The summer months have a way of dulling one’s senses. You go into automatic drive with routines of doing whatever random last minute thing comes to mind. And bam! Just like that it’s time to get back in the saddle again. 

This year was the first where although the kiddos weren’t in the building, I was. So I’ve been planning for 2015-2016 since the school year ended back in June.  This has been a great advantage.  Yet most educators have been home enjoying sun in the fun and life without routines. 

School employees all over this country are now either back at work or gearing to return to the privilege of working with children this fall. The responsibility doesn’t come easy. With summer months regression an issue for most students, part of the first quarter will be spent re-orienting children to academic rigor and school-wide expectations. A challenge we signed up for. A challenge all educators will strive to meet. 

On behalf of every teacher, school security guard, cafeteria worker, school social worker, school guidance counselor, administrator, and other school personnel, I thank you in advance for returning your children back to us for yet another year of learning. Here’s to another year of meaningful partnerships between schools and families. One that is centered on the overall best for each child. 

Happy New School Year!


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