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Just Enough Ahead

So I just thought that turning 40 meant I got a cool trip to Vegas with my gal pals, work out some issues on blog paper, and go about life buying up pretty shoes along the way. Psych!!! 

This aging thing has got me where people actually think I have something to say. And since I was for many years the wallflower/introvert (and still am believe it or not), I didn’t get the memo that folks actually expect me to know more and do more in this new season of my life. Drat!

In plowing through this mentorship devotional I’m reading, it drove home some reminders that my years on earth just weren’t meant to be check marks on a calendar; but rather milestones to be shared. 

I am “just enough ahead” to talk to a high school senior about leaving home and not looking back. I am just enough ahead to guide in choosing the right premarital counselor. I am just enough ahead to share on the sorrow and newfound grace that comes with the loss of a parent. I am just enough ahead to push someone off the cliff towards pursuit of their professional goals. I am just enough ahead to admit that I’ve failed in many relationships and can identify the pitfalls. I am just enough ahead to say I really don’t know. 

For those of us who are just enough ahead, you may get downright disappointed when you say right and hell if them hard-headed ones don’t go left! You may get disgusted with the current state of affairs in those coming up behind you. You may even want to turn your backs and say “F this” and go about your own damn business. Le sigh. I know I do. 

But I’m here to say, I’m reminded daily that Jesus never gave up on me and damned if he doesn’t remind me day in and day out to duplicate his love for me to others. Long suffering (fancy word for patience), compassion, wisdom…all those and many more things we are “just enough ahead” impart to others. 

To my “just enough ahead” squad, you may be right out of college and feel like you’re sinking. You may be ten years in your job and feeling stagnant. You may be 25 years into a marriage and wondering where did the time go. You may be a parent barely making it through with Kleenex and some Clorox wipes as your shield.  

Wherever you are in your bless-ed life stage, remember you are just enough ahead to be a blessing to someone else. 


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