Remember Me When

The sixteen year old Jewish girl lay on a cold metal slab as her German oppressors worked about her performing surgeries and removing the ovaries of women ages 16-35. Friendly fire bombing began to shake the building they were in. The Jewish surgeon who was forced to participate came to her table and whispered that he would take one ovary from her and fake an incision to make it appear that both ovaries had been removed. He asked her to make two promises. To hide her menstrual cycle every month and to remember him when she had children. She kept her promise and had four boys. 

My husband, ever the extrovert,  would engage this now 90-year old woman in personal conversation and hear her remarkable story. I tease him about random old women’s affinity for him. He would explain that she did in fact have a soft spot for black men. Uh-huh… (eyes roll). 

I would learn it had had less to do with my husband’s bright smile and more to do with the Black mother in Chicago who died in her arms leaving behind four black boys alone in the world. She hasn’t heard from them in years but she did keep her promise and ensured they would all be placed with a loving family. 
Humanity has a way of reminding us all that God transcends the horrors of life and brings along hope and redemption to bear witness. That woman kept her promise twice over in bearing four sons and saving the lives of another four. God bless any and all who keep the promises made. 


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