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Daredevil Mommies

I’m a scary cat by nature. I don’t swim. I don’t bungee jump. I don’t do anything that takes me off the ground and places me outside of my element. I wonder had I been given half the chance and opportunities whether my predisposition for all things safe and secure would have been different. My mom was a scary cat. God bless my risk taking dad. Had he pushed just a little bit more, maybe my brother and I would have been a bit more risk takers ourselves. 

Children take their cues from their parents and especially their moms. If that child looks back and sees a petrified look on mommy’s face, there is no convincing them to move forward. I was watching a Ted Talk the other day about a man who goes on adventures around the world. Of the 80 people who went on his last trip, 65 were ages 9-13. Gulp! What mother in their right mind would send their child out to dive in caves?! What mother would allow her child to go swimming with sharks?! Mine wouldn’t even let me go to sleepovers! 

Being that mother who encourages an adventurous spirit can’t be easy for those who grew up sheltered or underprivileged. But ut is necessary for your child’s well being. Here are some reasons why. 

Your child will dream big. They won’t get stuck in the muck of what others think about them because you have already made them a believer in their own capabilities. Any child that can do back flips on a beam is ready for greatness. 

Your child will have faith. It goes without saying that “Kingdom Children” children of believers of Christ’s teachings, lead a more purpose driven life. Compound that with exposure to climbing trees, non-traditional sports, or trips to off the beaten path locales, and you have a child who dares to believe beyond what their eyes can see and what others would like for them to believe. 

Your child will make a great human being. He or she will see beyond the mundane and strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives. Exposure to the outdoors yields respect for the environment. Exposure to different cultures and backgrounds builds empathy. Exposure to higher order thinking builds intelligence. 

Your child will not suffer fools gladly. I always admire children who can advocate for themselves-appropriately that is. Let’s be honest who among us doesn’t enjoy a rousing discussion with a nine year old. Children whose “bull crap” alert stays on high lead safer lives. Stranger Danger is only the half! 

This self-professed scary cat has dreams of raising a child that will do all the things I couldn’t or wouldn’t do. I guess I gotta start by learning how to swim. Yikes! 


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