Life Coach

This Year I Will

Me and a group of unlikely bookmates are gearing up for the new year by getting some reading in and some personal plans of actions in place. No two reader is alike. No two vision and purpose is alike. M.J. Ryan’s “This Year I Will…” got our vote on book to get our mental juices going. Got my mind going on this whole New Years Resolution thing we are sometimes so hard pressed to invoke. 

It’s the week before Thanksgiving and your anxiety level is taking a quick spin on the high side. It’s not the family dinner preparations that’s got you nervous but the countdown to the new year that’s got you sitting on edge. Once you’ve made it through the Cyber Monday hype, there’s a temporary lull before the holiday rush begins. Somewhere in the middle of all the chaos is the nagging reminder that this year flew out like Patti’s Pies off Walmart shelves. You can’t take it back. No matter how badly you want to. 
Rather than look at the dwindling year with dread and trepidation, it helps to frame things in a way thats palatable. After all, who says you had to enter the new year with pomp and circumstance? Who says you have to host a vision board party (although I’m having two myself)? Who says? Here’s really all you need to bid Father Time farewell and kiss the New a Year Baby. 

Keep an open mind. Be prepared to receive God’s personal best for you in the coming year. If you’re closed off to trying new things or meeting new people, imagine how short changed you will be. It can’t hurt to try a new hobby. You don’t want to go back to school. Fine. Try your hand at some local community ed courses. You have a weight loss goal. Well let’s try kicking sugar out your diet and picking up some new favorite veggies for your foodie repertoire. Boot camp can come later. Right now you need to lose some inches and wait out the New Year rush to the gym.  

Don’t compete. Life isn’t a race but rather a well thought out marathon. Pace yourself. You should be your only competition. Your friend is getting her Ph.D. ?Congratulate her!  It’s her student loans not yours. Colleague moving on to another job? No pressure. She’s got some dreams to chase that have no bearing on your here and now.  Celebrate her departure and get back to the business of living. Leave that petty behavior for the kindergarteners on the playground. 

Trust the process. Rome wasn’t built in a day people! And judging by your long laundry list of things you want to accomplish, neither will you. Reality TV have folks believing that you buy your house today and remodel it tomorrow. Balderdash! There will be peaks and valleys. You left a good paying job to strike out on your own. Good for you! That also means less Starbucks trips and more Thrift store trips. It won’t be all good days. But those good days will sure  make up for the bad. 

So yeah. It’s countdown for the new year. Instead of avoiding it like The Plague, let’s take the time to embrace the fullness of it all. Confirm the commitment to being your best self. Place one foot in front of the other and move. 


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