2016: Waiting

I re-read my prior New Year’s Eve blogs and thought whoa! I was really trying to get the heck out of the last 365 days of those respective years! One was about watching the year in my rear view mirror and another was all about death to making resolutions. Chuckle. 

My heart and mind were in different places each time I bid another year adieu. No different than this year. Last year was tough. It was the year I closed out the year I lost my mother. And I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to hold on to dear life to 2014. As if to believe that the months would continue moving further and further away from my memories of my mother. Sorta kinda like this year too. 

This year oddly enough, even with all the dramatic changes I have had the nerves to make, I’m just quietly waiting for the clock to strike 12. No grand declaration. Just quietly waiting. 

Excited. Fearful. Humbled. Anxious. All words to describe my peaking around to see 2016. Excited for the possibilities. Fearful of the unknown. Humbled that God saw fit for me to see another year through. Anxious to get it all underway. 

Here’s to you 2016. 


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