Life Coach

Forward To Fall

I know it’s like 99.99% summer time here in South Florida. Sometimes there are deficits to living in a city that’s always in “South Beach” mode. Folks down here tend to find it hard to transition with the seasons. Up north, there’s a brisk, crisp wind and chill in the air that ushers in football season, hay rides and warm soups. Well down here, we break out knee high boots in 75 degree weather. Such is life. 
Regardless of the change in weather temps, Fall is right around a corner. I recently came around the aisle at the local Walmart and nearly got slapped by a scarecrow. It looked like a corn field had cropped up on the shelves. Forget back to school! They had Thanksgiving on deck already. I wasn’t ready. Ready or not, change is our only constant. 
These lazy dog days of summer are drawing to a close. It’s nearly time to buckle down and get back to the business of “living.” So for those of us who had the luxury of being on chill mode during the past two months, it’s time to reconnect. For those of us whose pace hadn’t changed, it’s time to take stock. Fall is the time to reap the harvest. To count what’s in your storehouse. To take inventory. So be you a ten month working educator or a year round entrepreneuer, we all can stand to take some time to run through our 2016 “at a glance” book. 
Take a look at your 2016 goals and gauge where you are. Don’t beat yourself up too much for getting off track. Maybe snack yourself a couple of times. Just don’t hit too hard. Life happens. Yet it merits some looking into if you can honestly say you weren’t doing your part. It’s okay. Just admit it. Then take steps to remedy the solution. 
There are four months left in the year. Yep. FOUR MONTHS. Whatever it is you’d like to wrap up before year’s end, let’s have a go at it. Enrolling in college? Saving for a car? Closing on a house? Working on that business plan? You still have four months to shape something out of it all. 
Don’t go into Fall like a recalcitrant teenager. It’s here whether you like it or not. Welcome it with thankful arms. Thankful for yet another season to make the best of your life now. 


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