Current Events

Christmas Got Cancelled 

I cancelled yet another Christmas this year. Yes my tree is up and my holiday tablescapes will be laid out. My lit mini trees are right on my porch twinkling through the night. My Pandora station stays on all things holiday and I’m a corny mess with the holiday movies. Yes I will have the holiday towels up in my bathroom and my kitchen with the peppermint soap to boot. Don’t come for me! *insert dare face and laughter*. But yeah…Christmas got cancelled. 

I turned my love of shopping for family members into shopping for children of incarcerated family members. I am making my famous banana pudding and randomly calling people up for a taste. I gifted a pregnant mom with some books I realized I will never use. Yeah, yeah I know Sarah had a baby when she was dirt old but I won’t be able to see to read them anyway. Smirk. 

I road tripped with some of my squad members to create more memories to belly laugh about. I joined the choir so I can hang with people I hardly know and mesh some beautiful voices while we sing our lungs out for Jesus and the church. I’m reading Ann Voskamp’s “The Greatest Gift” because somewhere, somehow I think I lost my way to Christmas. 

Cancelling Christmas is really more about figuring out what should be important for you and less about what QVC says it should be. I swear that station can convince me to buy three crockpots if I let it! Who says that you need a tree? Who says you have to bake cookies? Who says you have to watch Charlie Brown Christmas while listening to Nat King Cole? Who says you have to learn karate to run these streets and jockey through the malls? All traditions rightly so, but they don’t have to be your traditions. 

If your anxiety level skyrockets while your finances plummet that my dear is a sign that you need to cancel Christmas. If your time and patience is stretched thinner than Stevie Wonder’s hairline, that’s your cue to fall back. You are doing THE UNNECESSARY most. You’re doing it for the wrong reasons and chances are you will resent your loved ones and yourself come December 26th. By the time the new year comes around you will be making resolutions not to kill anyone. 

So you got the decorating itch but your loved ones could care less. Go decorate a daycare or nursing home in your community. Have you ever seen a child walk into a daycare lobby and see the tree lit up for the first time? Kleenex please! You want to bake but those ungrateful family members just want to eat and run. Bake up a storm and take it to the neighborhood business you frequent throughout the year. My UPS guys think they love me now! Drop a gift card in your garbage man’s hand. He will be dragging your trash out on the days you were late in coming out. Speaking from experience, that’s a gift that keeps on giving! Call up some random people and use up those gazillion Olivia Pope wine glasses you got tucked everywhere and the tiny dishes you been dying to bring out. POTUS isn’t coming for dinner and you won’t be sending out another invite for the next four years anyway! *side eye*

Cancel the Christmas that Target wants you to have. You know the one where the jingle bell sounds are enticing and the loud red color is baiting you to do what you really shouldn’t be doing. 

Breathe. Relax. Enjoy. 


Dodging The Holidays

This holiday season came and went like a flash in a hot pan. I’ve avoided the maniacs at the mall and the lunatics on the streets. I have become a professional dodger. Dodging my neighbor’s “no decorations this year?” or a family member’s “why no gifts this year?” I have even dodged the holiday wear tradition of heels and sweater vests for puffer vests and biker boots. I have not dodged “being cute” in my fashion gear though. I’m not that far gone, lol! Just a subconscious decision to live a more conscious life.

After all, there is nothing glamorous or glitzy about Christmas. Nothing sexy about a man whose thinking twice about leaving his teenaged wife after she comes up preggers. There is no need for Maury Povich in the face of this evident truth–he is NOT the daddy! While he’s drawing up papers to end this present madness, a supernatural being tells him he may wanna think twice about that choice. So he does. He walks beside her as both her belly and the rumors extend.

They find them selves mere witnesses to the greatest gift ever given to mankind. God the Son, dons flesh to walk this earth. His lineage is of adulterous men and women of ill repute. His future fair weather friends would be flung into the four winds at the sign of a major challenge. What a waste of thirty-three years of one’s life some may say. What a gain for a wretch like me!

I will keep dodging the holiday season and continue to embrace the CHRISTmas one.